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    Confused Central AC for rental in SW PA

    I am in a rental duplex in southwestern PA, its been low 90s during the day and mid 70s at night. My main problem is the AC unit hasn't been able to bring the temperature below 78 for the last few days and it feels really humid (I'm from Houston originally). Last summer I had no problem keeping it 69-71, but perhaps these high temperatures just mean my expectations are unreasonable. If I should be able to expect something better out of this unit then I'll need some good info so the management company will bring in a real professional, most of their units are window/wall units so I doubt they have a HVAC professional on staff.

    Some more info about the unit/install:
    I ass-u-me d the management company would be taking care of regular maintenance of filter, etc. like my prior landlords have. This is probably dumb, but this is only my third place, the others had the units serviced quarterly. I went downstairs and the filter was in backwards and had at least 1/8" dust on the filter. Changed and flipped the filter. The pump from the evaporator pan is pretty noisy and I haven't heard it in the last week. Compressor unit is on the south wall and there is a 50/50 mix of double and single pane windows in the unit. Total sq. footage is a little over 1000. I would tell you the BTU/tonnage of the outside unit but there are no external markings or make/model. I also took the duct temperature tonight and it read 60 with an inside temperature of 78 and outside temperature of 77.

    I don't mean to DIY, but to get a real pro called in here I'm going to need some real reasons to have one of you guys called in. The management maintenance came by today and said everything was okay but they missed a return air flex duct only 10 ft from the furnace being half off the connector. I just pulled it back over the metal adapter and I'm sure me pulling it over the the adapter is not a good seal and it didn't seem to help any.

    If you guys think this system should be performing better than it is, what else should I be doing to put a hard metric on this thing not performing correctly? I can take pictures if needed.

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    If it worked last year, contact the manager and ask nicely,to have some one to service the unit.

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