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    Forced air system efficiency

    Hi guys. New to the forum here. It's a great resource.

    We purchased our home in NY just over a year ago. We have a forced air system for both our oil heat and our central air. I have a very odd feeling that something isnít right with the efficiency of the setup. The previous owners had everything serviced yearly. For example today with the 95 degree heat, I came home at 6pm and the temp in my house was 77 degrees. I lowered it to 72 and the central air kicked on. Itís now been 3hours and the temp has only dropped from 77 to 73. It just seems way too long. It also takes a long time for the rooms to heat up in the winter, and with the price of oil, I just canít afford that. I think something may be wrong with the setup. When I put my hands up to the vents in the ceiling, I really donít feel as strong of a breeze as I think I should. Iím wondering if this is something that can be checked and remedied? Or if itís working as itís designed, so be it and Iíll deal with it.

    My house is a 3 bedroom split level ranch. About 1400 sq feet. There are a total of 10 ceiling vents. One in each bedroom, two in the living room and one in the kitchen, 2 in the dining room, and 2 in the basement. They just all seem pretty week other than the basement ones which are right near the furnace. Any comments and or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You should probably check your furnace filter If your filter hasn't been changed for awhile and is all caked up with dust and debris that will dramitcally affect your AC efficenicy to cool your home, low air flow=no cooling=compressor working harder than it should be= you having to buy a new outdoor unit soon!!!!

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    Yep I keep up on the filter. Actually, I just replaced it before this heat wave started in NY a few days ago.

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    See if these folks have someone in your area. They are trained to check air balancing and air flow problems.

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    Thanks, they do have someone. I've tried emailing them but keeps getting returned. I'll give them a call.

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    When its 95* outside, and you try to lower the temp 5*, it can take more hours then the degrees you lowered it, thats normal. A service check may find that your ID coil is getting dirty and restricting air flow.
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    Read similar posts on the site. You have a near perfect system- not to big and short cycling. Not too small and unable slowly get control of the temperatures. You are reacting normally but your heating/cooling system is ideal. If you need more info, raise the issues. Regards TB
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