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    I need some help please!

    My mobile home unit is 10 years old and my compressor has quit working. I am a single mother with limited funds and can not afford to purchase a new unit at the present time. I am in the process of trying to replace the compressor (new or used) just so that I can get through the summer and purchase a complete new unit at a later date.

    The old compressor is a BRISTOL H23A423ABCA COMPRESSOR. I have been surfing the net and found a couple of sites that have this in stock. Some of the other infomation given matches what is on my old compressor and some numbers do not. For example:
    V 230/208
    HZ 60 PH1
    LRA 110
    they are the same. There are some other numbers that do not match.
    My question is will this compressor work if the model numbers are the same and how can I tell if it is 10 Seer or not?
    I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but I honestly have no idea. Thanks to any that can help me out.

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    Best thing you can possibly do.

    Get the new system now. A compressor in a 10 yr system ( a used one at that) is a waste of money if you plan to replace. Most contractors provide financing so get the new system now.
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    The other numbers are bill of ladel and serial. They won't match.

    We understand cash flow problems.
    Your between 2 rocks and a hard place. have you found anyone to do the swap out for you, and is that person going to supply the other items that are needed for a compressor change out.

    After you spend all this money. If the compressor were to go out a month later.
    Are you aware that they don't just hand you another compressor. You have to pay for it. Then pay to send teh other one back, and they will send your money for teh compressor in 4 to 12 weeks. You also still have to pay to have teh second replacement compressor installed.

    In other words, it could cost you more in the long run.

    See if any contractors in your area have same as cash financing available.
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    42,100 btu compressor 3.5 tons @ 10 years old you could just replace the compressor, if you can't afford to replace the evaporator inside you probably would be better off just replacing the compressor, JMO.
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