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    Advice on new system

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

    My wife and I live in a 50 year old house which we plan to sell later this summer or into the fall. Our furnace recently went out and both furnace and AC were both very old.

    We have received two quotes and I have learned a lot, but I'm really struggling with which to go with. We wanted to just get a couple of quotes from well known installers that install well known equipment. While there are a lot of quality systems out there, we do feel that there is some value to having a recognizeable system in place when the house goes on the market.

    We have quotes from a Carrier installer and a Lennox installer. Our home is older not that big (maybe 1350 square feet upstairs and an additional partially finished 1350 square feet in the walkout basement). It was good to see that the salesmen from both companies recommended similar systems. But, at the end of the day, the Lennox AC is coming in $1800 more than the Carrier AC. We like the Lennox guy and his firm is very reputable, but is $1800 worth it?

    Here are the systems:

    Lennox: The Deluxe option (didn't leave model #, but this is one up from the most basic model) for furnace: 80%; two stage. AC is also the deluxe option, but we were left a brochure for Merit Series 14ACX.

    Carrier: furnace is 58DLA090: 80% two stage. AC is ABA430 2.5 ton.

    From what I've read mostly on this site, it sounds like the systems we are looking at are pretty basic units across the board. But, is the Lennox AC unit really worth $1800 more than the Carrier AC unit? Is this where they are catching us with their profit margin?

    Again, I liked the Lennox guy more, but not $1800 more.

    Thanks much!

    John and Lin

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    $1800 more

    If the installation, the service, the warranties are basically the same, the the answer to your question is no.
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    Later this summer when you sell your home, you will not have any real estate market advatage by spending the extra $$$. If it's installed per code and it works, you'll sell your home for the same price.

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