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Thread: True or False?

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    This may be a waste of time but.. The cooling coil is always colder than the air the coil is cooling. As the air flows flow through the coil, a temperature gradient occurs. The air molecules closer to the coil tubes are colder but never the coil temperature. The air further away is warmer. The best of coils have mixed approach temperature of 2-4^F. Smaller coils with high air flow have higher approach temperatures. Measuring extreme high/low humidity with normal equipment is inaccurate. 95%RH is about as high you can get with extreme a/c coils. Real dew point equipment using a chilled mirrow/calibrated thermometers are the type of equipment needed. Most electronic meters are inaccurate above 80% or under 30%. There are alot of opinions out there but testing things like this are difficult even in a high tech lab. Regards TB
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    Not a waste of time, TB. I speak geek.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Hey TB, Tell him how much those lab grade instruments cost. It will make his eyebrows pucker up. We tend to believe our $200.00 meters are 100 % accurate. And we don't even get them calibrated every year like you lab guys do.
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    Twilli says maybe
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    Air can be cooled to below the dewpoint but then the dewpoint is lower so air can't really be below the dewpoint, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by air-doctor View Post
    True or False... Air leaving the evaporator coil is at 100% humidity
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