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    Question How hot/cold should those lines feel?

    So, I have a new heat pump (Trane 4TWX6048B1000B) just installed this past winter. It seems to be working fine in cooling mode, now that it's summer. So, I don't have a problem that needs solving (I hope), but I do have a question out of curiosity:

    With previous A/C units that I've owned, the freon lines would be quite hot/cold to the touch (depending on which one), if touched as close to the outside unit as possible. So hot that I couldn't keep my finger on it for any length of time.

    With this unit, I can certainly tell that one line is somewhat cool and the other a bit warm, but it's nothing like I'd expected. Why is it so different? Does it have something to do with the different refrigerant? Can anyone help educate me in this matter?

    More data:

    I haven't actually felt the lines when the unit is in stage 2 cooling, only stage 1. Still, there's only around 20-30% difference between them, right?

    I believe the unit is fully charged, because the company came out very recently to verify the charge (when they installed it this past winter, they said they'd have to come out in warm weather to finish the job).


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    The higher the efficiency the less temp difference you will notice between inside and outside temps. Older equipment worked and large temp differentials for all intensive purposes without getting into the physics of it.

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