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    Amana APG13 packaged unit

    I am new to this forum and no next to nothing about HVAC, so be kind to me!

    We are replacing a package unit in a home we bought for my son to live in while in graduate school. He will only be in the home about 4 years and the unit is for the main level of a 2 story home. The home is about 1800 sf and the current package unit was a 10 SEER. The upstairs has a heat pump that is working at this time.

    The HVAC company we want to use, installs Trane which is what I wanted, but the the Trane unit was too big for the pad where the current Carrier unit sits. We would have to move a fence, which we don't want to do if we don't have to. They recommended an Amana as it will fit without moving the fence. Reem/Ruud was also an option, but the size was the same as the Trane.

    I am not at all familiar with Amana in a HVAC unit. I have compared the Amana packaged unit with the Trane XB13c, but I don't really know what I am comparing. Can anyone help me figure out if the Amana APG13 is a good unit? I want to know if the Amana is a quiet unit and how it performs. My son's bed is right on the outside wall where the unit sits, so quiet both inside and out would be nice. I do realize that unit can be noisy from the outside, so I am not dumb enough to think he will not hear the unit, but I also know some are much louder that others. I have never had a packaged unit before, so I don't have an idea how well they heat and cool.

    I do not know what the fence will cost to move as we live in a different city, but if many think the Trane is a superior unit, I will look into the fence.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    In my dog walking travails throughout my neighborhood in South Florida, I have been impressed with how quiet Amana units are. I recently settled on Trane xr13m(TCK).

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    Other companies make package units. Get a couple of quotes and see if there are any different suggestions. I wouldn't move a fence if I didn't have to. Go to manufactures websites and they post the sizes alot of times. Might make it easy to eliminate the ones that will fit.

    The package units heat and cool about as well as a split system. Some are made for moble homes with limited ducting so can put out alot of air which could create problems.

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    I know there are other package units available, but the local company I am working with does not install brands other than Trane, Amana, Ruud/Reem and maybe others that have the same size issues.

    I know my installer prefers the Trane (as do I,) but understands me not wanting to move the fence the 3 inches (I think that is what he said.) That is why he suggested the Amana as it will fit the existing concrete pad next to the unit for the upstairs.

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    If you trust your installer and are limited in options due to sizes, I would feel very comfortable with the Amana product and the warranty it comes with. Amana is fine. I almost went crazy listening to different AC installers and their suggestions as to which brand they would put on my house. All were different. I ultimately selected the installer who I felt was most truthful and who I saw had done nice clean installations in my area. They also were highly rated by FPL(electric utility) customer surveys. Check your utilty.

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    Any professionals out there have an opinion? Where are the Amana units made? I thought there was a concern for some of the parts, but I don't remember what the installer said; I need to give him a call!

    Sorry for the misspell of Rheem in my previous posts; I should reread before I hit send!

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