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    Carrier Infinity EZ Flex air filter media in Bryant Evolution

    Operating cost figures are being run for a Bryant 355A furnance with a 286 HP and with a 288 HP and also with a Bryant 355C furnance and a 286 HP and a 288 HP. Install date here in Louisville, KY is June 18.

    I live alone, have no respiratory medical issues/concerns, no pets and have the windows open maybe a dozen days per year. I do not believe that I "need" a more sophisticated "air cleaner" than my present Carrier 4" pleated air filter media that has to be "woven" onto a metal device with "fingers". However, clearance to the water heater is barely 20" and the unit is a pain in the you know what to remove and replace.

    I visited a Carrier distributors' showroom and they had a Infinity furnance set up like my present old Carrier furnance....facing the front of the furnance, the air filter handler metal "box" is underneath the furnance and slides out towards the front of the furnance.

    We placed a box approx. 20" away from the front of the Infinity furnance to simulate the 20" distance to my water heater. This filter had a plastic end cap on each end of the filter media. We placed one plastic end cap on the media and inserted into the handler box. Next we were easily able to bend ("flex") the filter, place it inside the handler and place the other plastic end cap onto the remaining end of the media. Perfect. Piece of cake.

    I discussed this with my Bryant dealer who explained that he was going to use the standard Bryant air filter media. I believe a 4" filter with a MERV 8 rating. If this filter has a "rigid" paper box frame I anticipate difficulty with installing and removing the filter without damaging the cardboard filter 'box" and the media itself.

    Do the Carrier Infinity and Bryant Evolution furnances have the same physical dimensions? The Carrier Infinity "EZ Flex" filter has a MERV 10 (vs a Bryant MERV 8..) and, I believe, would fit without incident.

    Can anyone provide me with the Carrier part number for a EZ Flex air filter media with plastic end caps that would "fit" within a Bryant Infinity 355A or 355C? By "fit" I mean the Carrier EZ Flex would have similiar dimensions so that the EZ FLEX would filter as much if not more air as the standard Bryant "rigid" cardboard box framed air filter media.

    All of this technology and I have to worry about the sizing dimensions....I am just trying to avoid "surprises" during the installation. (The mechanical room is very small and the 80 gallon water heater can not be moved. I presently can not afford a fancy "on demand" smaller water heater....).

    My dealer explained that the HP would be doing most of the heating here in Louisville, KY so that when the demand for the gas furnance occurs, he believes, the 355C ("3-stage" ) may be a bit of overkill. That's why he suggested that I consider the 355A furnance.

    He also does not believe that the operating cost numbers will indicate any material advantage enough to recommend the 288 over the 286. He has had excellent results from the 286 (Bristol) reciprocating compressor and has nothing at all against the 288 (Copeland) scroll compressor. He suggests selecting the HP by reviewing the operating cost analyis rather than focusing on compressor design.... Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all that may offer advice and comments.

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    All 2, 3 stage and modulating furnaces are over kill. But they provide great comfort. And thats what you pay for when you get one.
    A 2 stage may be all you want for your comfort, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    The Bristol(TS) compressor may provide you with better humidity removal then the scroll.
    As far as the filter. I think you have to be there to see the set up, to give a good opinion.
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