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    go from hot water heating to forced air

    My house has hot water heating with in-wall cast iron radiators. The boiler is probably 50 years old although expansion tank and some other parts have been replaced some time ago. I am planning to install central air with duct work. Does it make sense to install hot air system along with ac and get rid of hot water heating? How much extra would I pay to install hot air along with ac? Also, comfort wise and monthly bills, does it make since to get rid of hot water system?

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    As a rule. You won't be as comfortable with hot air heat. As you are with cast iron rads.
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    The only times I recommend taking out hot water heat of any kind and replacing it with forced air is if the house froze up and everything is destroyed or if it was installed so porely that it can't be made to work right no matter what.

    In most cases you will not feel as comfortable with forced air verses hydronic heating.

    There are a lot of options to air conditioning hydronic heated houses today. There are also many high efficient options for a new boiler and controls that will greatly improve the efficiency of your system over a 50 year old boiler.
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