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    Confused Mini Split – How do I go up??

    Looking in to installing a three zone/multi-zone mini split system for my second floor. For a myriad of reasons, I can’t just mount the indoor units on the exterior wall and run the line set straight out the wall to the condenser (drain would be ok) – essentially because of room additions through the years I’d be running down on to roofs of the first floor and then trying to snake over to the condenser.

    I’d like to run the line set up in to the attic and then I can make my way over to a soffett, punch out, and then down to the condenser. The problem is I haven’t been able to find an indoor unit that states you can plumb the line set going “up”. They all appear to state you can go right, left and down. I’d like to mount the indoor unit high on the wall, and run the line set straight up in to the attic. If worse case, I could frame out/build a box off of the wall as a mounting soffett to get the unit off the actual exterior wall. This would create a hollow space to run the line set straight out the back of the unit and then ninety degree up to the attic.

    Am I making this allot harder than it should be? I’ve got to think someone makes an indoor unit where you can run the lines up in to the attic? I’d like to stick with the Mr Slim units or possibly Fujitsu – I don’t want cheap/crappy units nor a low SEER/EER.

    Ps…I am a DYI’r

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    Never bad.

    I just read a number of postings noting questions from DIY'rs that got slammed prety hard from many, not all, but many members. My bad, I'll go away.

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