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    Central AC - Full Installation


    I need an expert advise.
    I have a cape cod house that does not have duct work. The first floor is about 1000 sq. feet, the second floor is around 850. There is also a full unfinished basement.
    I am planning to install conventional central air in the house. The second floor is undergoing renovation. There is not sheet rock and new insulation is yet to be installed. I am trying to figure out if
    1) 1 unit can handle two floors or do I need two sets of everything installed?
    2) Where should duct work and air handler be installed ? (attic, basement, or both).

    Thank you,
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    If you can chase duct runs up in the interior walls that would be your best option for both floors but if you can only get duct work up to the second floor going up the exterior walls that will have to be option 2, make sure you put a cold air return upstairs along with your H/C duct runs and some high wall returns as well as floor returns. If you can get all your duct runs connected to your furnace in the basement I would put it there, 1800 sq ft. should not need 2 furnace's and 2 AC for that size house, but if it is easier to run 1 furnace in your attic and 1 in your basement that would be a choice you would have to make as 2 of everything is twice the money and 2 times the maintience. I am sure you will be able to get your duct runs up in your walls either in the exterior or interior of your walls, it will just take alittle ingenuity to get a plan all mapped out.

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    Thank you for your response.
    Why would you not install in the duct work in the attic and run down to the first floor? Wouldn't that be simpler since the second floor wall are open.

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