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    Quote Originally Posted by dafreerider View Post
    Thank you, guys. I will have them check it out.

    But I guess, it is possible for the system not be able to catch up in some extreme temps (like in last 3 days), especially if the house is either losing cold air or being heated up via many windows and skylights...

    Also don't forget at design temp is it only supposed to keep the temp. So if you use the set back it might have a hard time to lower the temp on days like today.

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    Oh, I see... Good point. We use setback when we are not at home. We vary temp by 5 degrees.

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    Tomorrow is still suppose to be mid 90s. Over ride your set back, and see if it maintains your 77* then.

    Mine can take an hour or 2 to drop the temp 1 degree with the OD temps we have been having.

    I forgot to over ride my set backs today, ooops. Its coming down slowly.
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