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    Continuous run on carrier condenser ...

    My installer is coming back today to correct my leaking fan coil in the attic. (I have about 1/2" of water in the drip pan!)

    Another question about my system (infinity fan, performance condenser, infinity control):

    My unit is only 3 days old, so I'm still learning! Yesterday the outdoor temp was 90+. My t-stat was set for 72 and it seemed that the condenser ran continuously all day ... only mainting about 74 indoor temp (but 47-50% indoor humidity) until the day cooled off.

    I will talk to the installer today, but I'm wondering if it's normal to run continously on a hot day? Also, what should my reasonable expectations be for the difference between indoor and outdoor temp?


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    Based on the fact that you are having water leakage and poor cooling I believe that the evapoartor coil in the attic air handler is freezing up... either due to the system not being fully charged when installed, or a leak in the refrigerant lines. Have your installation company check the refrigerant level in the system, and if it needs refrigerant added, leak testing of the system should be performed.

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    Or, it could just be a drain problem. If the coil freezes, you generally lose your A/C because of no air flow.

    If your OD temp was 94, and it kept it 74 in the house, then you can expect it to do roughly a 20° difference between OD and ID during the day time. And a little more at night time at the same OD temp.

    Do you have the control set to try and maintain a humidity level, if so, it may be slowing the blower.
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    98* here in north Atlanta, my upstairs unit ran constant all day long, roughly 14 hours to maintain 75*....with bright sun and a big roof, a lot of heat gain...

    When it is that hot, unless the system is oversized, the longer it runs the better to remove moisture, and the longer it runs the more efficient it becomes actually lowering the run cost per hour....that's what I have been told...


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    Ask the installer what the design temp was. 74* is cool to most with that humidity. It may be that it was designed to 74 with and OD temp of 90+.

    As been said the stat may be on humd. control which can be changed to allow the temp. to drop although the humidity may rise.

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