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Thread: Strange Problem

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    You can take the wires off the terminal strip at the board all you want, As long as the stat is still calling for cooling you will continuity between R and Y You would have to take the wires off the stat as well as the board, You will feed through the y circuit all the way outside, Until you pull the wire off the contactor... Also you will never see a board look bad unless it got smoked. And your "Electrician" friend should not be behind you next time you troubleshoot an A/C. The cap "over-amping" would blow your line voltage fuse (That's the term for the higher voltage going to the condenser) And a boiler operator is not a HVAC mechanic .
    Also. next time before you go parts changing check them first, Its real simple, Take the contactor inside to the transformer, With NOTHING ELSE hooked to the transformer apply 24 volts, If it pulls in and doesn't smoke your Transformer, Its good. Of course you could ohm it out but boiler operators wouldn't know how to do this. As far as the stat goes, Take the thing off the wall and disconnect the wires, Jump out the wires, If you still blow your low voltage fuse when the stat is not hooked up, Then you can pretty much rule that the stat is not the problem. Chillers dont have stats maybe that where you got confused. If your brother in law is low on funds, Maybe he should call a pro Dont blame us for "Not being able to help"
    These people tried to help you, If you want people to go crazy on you we can easily do so and will enjoy it . If you intend to use this site as the tool and reference it is, Then you got off on the wrong foot.
    Rules are rules we cannot help you UNLESS you are a pro, If thats a problem dont flip out, Email the admin or get your pro membership

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    Now, that got the people commenting. LOL. I did all the above. I removed the t-stat wires from inside, ohmed the contactor, hooked it up to 24v, didnt pull its self in. The hospital I work at, the boiler tech is the hvac tech. Anyhow, dont want to upset anyone else. I know with that post the people would flock. I read the rules today, which I know should have been the first thing.

    That is what had me so flippin confused. The t-stat wires were off inside, and I still had cont. Anyways, I worked it out. Also, with the board: When we have a board go out at work, it is always visible. Admittly, we are talkin about 480 volt 3 phase. I dont work on to many residential units. My line of work is in the commercial side of things, which is a different beast in itsself.

    This might be a stupid question, but here goes. How do you get pro status. I looked over the site rules, but didnt find it.

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    Get your post count up to 15 FIRST, then go here.
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    Get your post count up to 15 FIRST, then go here.

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