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    converting heater from propane to Natural gas ?

    Ok I ordered the parts that Regency says I need to convert from propane to NG. 2 orfices, burner tube and regulator. My question is this..when they ran the gas line they came into the house with I believe 1" black pipe then T'd off to 1/2" pipe to my Regency heat stove . The 1/2" is connected to my line running to my stove which is 1/2" blsck pipe with a shutoff then it goes into a short flexable line that looks smaller around than the 1/2" gas pipe.

    Is this sufficent for NG ? It worked fine for propane. The line is black flex line about 12" long it may be 1/2" flex but it IS smaller dia than the 1/2" steel line coming from outside.

    I am surprised that they used the big line almost all the way to the furnace then sized it down to 1/2" about 2 ft from the furnace burner but ran the 1/2" about 25 ft to my heat stove ??

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    No pricing, no DIY, please read Site Rules.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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