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    Fresh out of the garden

    Picked a few quarts of green beans. They are now simmering with onions and taters and bacon
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    Finished our beans here in North Texas the other day (green & butter beans) We like them with bacon and onions too. Last night was zucchini on the grill with beef short ribs. Tonight it will be fried green tomatoes and pork chops. Love the garden veggies..
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    My first garden ever.

    I live in Utah (I only have 1 wife) (because I'm not mormon). LOL.....

    I have 15 huge zukes, about 400 cherry tomatoes, 25
    green bell peppers, pounds of peas, and a some catnip, so the cat will remember me.

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    We got ours in late due to all the rain but we're getting steady diet of sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers (bell, sweet banana, habanero, jalapeno), onions, zuchinni, and cucumbers. Love the corn and zuchinni on the grill--add some shish-kabobs and...oh man!
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