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    Recent install/drain question

    I rent a house and about 2 months ago the owner had the attic air handler replaced. Since the install the main drain line has been completely dry and all the water has been going out the secondary and into the pan. I've had two service calls with this company and both times they have adjusted the secondary drain/pan line and ignored the main line. This makes no sense to me because even I know that the secondary/pan line is a safety backup and you dont want water in your pan. After researching this company I see they have a terrible rep and I have a different company coming out to look at it in a couple days.

    I did some research on my own and here's my question so I am prepared when they come. The unit is a ARUF1824 like this:

    It was installed for a horizontal right hand flow. The right/upper drain port is the secondary and the left/lower is the main. I disconnected the left/main to use a wet/dry vac to make sure the line was clear (it was). When I stuck my finger in the left/main port it is not even open, I feel metal. From reading the manual I know that there are plastic plugs they remove but it doesnt feel like that, it feels metallic. So my question is, do they have the drain lines backwards and should the lower/left port be open at all times?

    The manual says for a left flow the upper becomes the secondary but says nothing for a right. Thanks for your help.
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    They may have them backwards. You service tech should be able to tell when he looks at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    They may have them backwards. You service tech should be able to tell when he looks at it.
    Yep . I've seen that happen more times than I'd like . Installers just didn't have a clue .

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    get someone out there who really takes pride in there work, im sorry for the inconvience, theres some good techs out here u just have to network.

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