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    HVAC person in San Francisco

    I'm looking for an HVAC company/person in the San Francisco Bay Area who understands HRV systems. I'm looking fro a specific recommendation. Most folks I've talked to here do NOT understand these systems due to he temperate climate and lack of experience.

    anyone have a recommendation>?



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    what part of the Bay are you in. I know there are plenty of contractors around the South Bay?(San Jose) Is it residential or commercial? Call the Local Union for a referral.

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    Thanks for the note. I'm in San Francisco. There are plenty of HVAC folks. But none I've talked to seem to be up on ventilation or HRV systems for Residential.
    Currently our HVAC system is set up with 20% fresh air as part of the return. When the heat is OFF we want to a trickle of fresh air (the 20%). Our current HVAC contractor accomplished that by running the HVAC fan 100% of the time ... This uses a ton of electricity. The HVAC fan pulls 5.5 amps, 24/7 which in California costs!! It seems the right solution is an HRV or separate fan on the fresh air intake??
    If anyone has a specific HVAC contractor recommendation, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'll try the union.


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    I'm out of the eastbay, we do a little bit of residential in s.f. depending on the season and the area you're in. If you want I can have someone talk to you regarding your system and what type of hrv we can put in, and set up an appointment to go over everything with you. Send your contact information to my email located in the profile.

    We know HRV's but do not put a lot of them in yet, people seem to think its more of a luxury, but I expect more of them to go in once the title24 requirement changes and cheap building contractors use the central a/h to pull in fresh air.

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