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    Quote Originally Posted by cvcman View Post
    The paper work jsut says 10 year pars and labor covered on the furnace so ???

    Do you think I should try to get them to change it out now or just keep it ??

    I dont think setting the temps all the same would work for me as we do turn it down at night and up when we get up. I guess we can just use the hold option.

    Beenthere whacha think keep it or call and complain, probably they would tell me to just use it if its working
    Typically a 10 yr p/l warranty does not cover the thermostat. Sometimes it does. It just all depends on the contractor.

    If you are truely dis-satisfied with the stat, you should call the contractor now and tell them you have used the stat and can't completely understand how to operate it. Tell them you have read through the instructions and it just seems to complicated for you.

    If the contractor that did your work is a good, reputable contractor that stresses customer satisfaction, then swithing the stat will be no problem for them. The company I used to work for did it all the time. Mainly cause our salesman loved them Lennox Sig stats. No-one, including myself sometimes, could fully understand it. We changed a lot of them out.
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    I dont hate it its just new and I dont do well with changes

    I am sure they would chg it but I kinda like it if its not a total pc of junk I will keep it....

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    Set the set back temps to where you like, and it will be fine.
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