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    Replacement Lenox Relay

    Lenox model: b3-41-2-230

    The fan relay is sticking and Roth service tech says its obsoltete.
    Anyone know where I might order a replacement?

    Relay number: P-8-5892

    I have photos if it would help with ID.

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    Isn't that a time delay relay? I could be wrong I am not a Brother Dave Dude, I believe I could fix you up somehow if I were there.
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    A relay...

    is nothing more than an electrically controlled switch. I agree with MrBill. A good service tech can improvise, adapt, and overcome. Maybe you need to call one.

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    As the others said, it should just be a delay relay. There are several generic delay relays that will probably work.

    You need a tech that knows how to do more then install OEM parts.
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    so the partchanger couldn't figure it out, eh?

    I agree with the rest of the pros. Call another tech. A relay is a very simple piece of equipment. If he couldn't follow a schematic and install a different relay, then hes got some learning to do.

    I would have to have seen him with me today. Had to disassemble a shaded pole motor and reverse polarity. That was fun.
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    I think the Lennox number 59512 replaces the P-8-5892. Your tech should be able to find one for you. Go to xxxxx The relay is pricey though.

    Since when do professionals tell what could be a DIY where to get parts over the net...unbelievable.
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    if you keep replacing relays you will eventually find it or at least narrow the problem down
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    Whoops, got carried away with my respose. Ment to provide the number for the technician and just kept going with my responser.

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