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Thread: miami!!!

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    Confused miami!!!

    I live in Miami and my mother in law needs a new AC. We have no idea which on to buy we were thinking the TRANE XL19i but we are not sure.

    2 story townhouse
    5 windows
    Miami FL
    1500 SQ FT
    We'd like an energy efficient unit

    Please help!! thank you

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    Call 3 or so contractors. Have a load calc done. Get the highest efficiency you can afford, and afford what you get.

    Don't worry about brand name so much.

    You save very little in electric between a 17 and 19 SEER unit.
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    second that, if you are getting above 16 or17 seer you need to make sure the house is tight and well insulated to get any pay back. energy audits are a handy tool in warm climates and some power cos. supply them for free.
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    get a quote

    Get a quote from these guys in Dania. I'm in South Florida also and using them.

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    How old is the current system? How much is her electric bill now? How long does she plan on owning the townhome?

    The real estate market doesn't care about SEER. They just care that the AC works. It's very tough to get a payback on a 19 SEER in under 10-15 years.

    Here's a handy SEER savings calculator (For Miami use 2800 for annual cooling hours. As your HVAC company for the BTU gain (12,000 BTU per ton)):

    Take the quoted difference of for any two different SEER systems, divide your cost difference with the annual savings. This is the payback years. I doubt you can justify anything over 16 SEER.

    Note: I pay $0.105 per KWH, but after the fees and taxes it's $0.175 / KWH. Make sure you factor this in.

    More similar info here:

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