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    Proper seer/system?

    My 13 year old Lennox coil needs to be replaced. The consensus sems to be don't replace just the coil but rather replace the entire system.

    The first question I have is what should should the minimum seer rating be on my new system.

    Secondly, is there a particular brand of system that is much better - or worse for that matter - than the rest? A couple of Bryant systems have already been recommended to me, one with a seer of 13 and the second one with a seer of 15. I live in southern Ontario, Canada so their is a need for air conditioning here for only about four months of the year.


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    condenser and coil are both 13 yrs old?

    if electric rate is reasonable as I believe it is for your location, then a plain jane 13 SEER condenser with matching coil would be just fine.

    13 SEER is the minimum rated federal standard here in the states.


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    Hmm Think Heat Pump / Dual Fuel

    Use 13 SEER A/C ...
    ... ... ... ... .
    15 SEER Heat Pump will save about $24 in cooling season for Southern Ontario.
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    Unless you put a matched variable speed indoor unit in, you won't be getting 15 SEER from a "15 SEER" Bryant A/C. Dan's right, not much savings on high SEER up your way, here either.

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