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    Post IQ Drive Installation Help

    Hello HVAC pros!
    I am convinced that the new IQ technology is what I want and need to replace my current ten-year old systems original to the house. My dilemma is that being in an extremely remote place, my installer choices are very few, namely one. And the installer will be completing Frigidaire's IQ Drive course to be able to install my AC; so, they have no experience, yet. My question to the forum: Given that I am the guinea pig, what are the major pitfalls of which we should be aware for this installation? (i.e., how do I know my ductwork is adequate?) Thanks for any help or assistance.

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    He should test it now while the old system is still there the same as with any swap out.
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    I have been through the IQ training and my supplier was willing to be there for the initial startup. They have an in house Frigidaire rep. I haven't installed an IQ yet but I think I'd have that rep close at hand for the first one. The system is very complex but not that much different than a standard system on the install side of things IMO.

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    The actual installation, wiring and configuration of the equipment is no more difficult than any other system, less difficult in a way, since fewer control wires are needed.

    The #1 most important thing is that the duct system be extremely tight. The 10% and 15% allowable duct leakage by some standards organizations are rediculous.
    Since the IQ drive system will be running pretty much continuously during the cooling season, you really need to have less than 5% duct leakage, and if the ducts are located in an unconditioned space, they need to be very well insulated against heat gain.

    Leakage and heat gain in the duct system will cripple an IQ drive system, and the low stage of 2 stage systems in general.
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    Be sure the ducts are ized correctly and as leak free as possible,as others mentioned.

    Ask about getting the outdoor unit "coated" for salt spray protection,like "bronze glow" coating.

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