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    double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by captube View Post
    Everone should have a imaginary tech as a friend

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    The contractor sent out the 'A' team this AM. They replaced the replacement expansion valve and that solved the problem. Everyone is on good terms again. Like the man banging his head against the wall, it feels so good now that it is over. I still have daydreams of solder pellets flowing through vapor lines. Is this normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJames View Post
    I will try a picture. I am new to this.

    This solder connection (read: weld) was done at installation 2 years ago. It joins the existing 3/4" vapor line to a 90 degree 7/8" elbow. Note elbow is crimped to form partial mechanical connection to vapor line.
    A PARTIAL MECHANICAL CONNECTION!!!! That is hilarious I will have to remember that. That connection looks like #@$* by the way. Is your friend some kind of trained monkey or other Zoo animal?

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