I'm having 2 Lennox central units installed in my house today and was hoping someone here could would offer up an opinion on them.

The house is 2900 sq ft, 1250 upstairs, 1650 down. The lower level is built into a hillside, below ground at the back and both sides. I've always had a difficult time with humidity downstairs. It's has always been very easy to cool, but very uncomfortable because of the humidity. Upstairs has been the opposite, humidity not a problem, but the old 2 ton unit for upstairs, a 25 year old Lennox, ran constantly and struggled to reach 75 degrees indoors. Location is central Oklahoma.

The new equpment going in:
Upstairs will be a Lennox XC14-30 outdoor unit, CR33-30/36A-F coil and G50DF-36A-70 furnace. Tstat is WR 80 Series, 1F80-0471.

Downstairs is XC14-024 outdoor, C33-24A-2F-4 coil and G60UHV-36A-070 furnace. Tstat is Lennox ComfortSense 7000 series, L7742U.

Does this equipment look to be decent for this application? I know "zero" about this stuff and was dependent on the salesman to recommend and size this stuff.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this project. Also, any idea what the SEER ratings of these systems as described would be? Thanks.