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    Quote Originally Posted by Daltex View Post
    One of the most geeky systems I've seen posted on this forum is

    Not sure of the texting interface though.
    I think this is illustration of another technology transition data recording is going through.

    Early on there were Chart Recorders. In recent years it's been Data Loggers (HOBO). And now I think what may be coming is Web Environment Loggers. Each is a major shift toward better usability, easier implementation, and lower cost.

    What I'm using is good illustration (my system is the one quoted above).

    While my temp and other conditions monitoring appear to be advanced, complex and 'geeky,' it isn't at all. In fact, it's probably less work that using HOBOs - plug in an Ethernet cable, plug in a cable with 1-wire technology sensors attached, fill out a few fields on a web-based provided screen, and you're done with creating (a) chart(s) and storing data values. No more work is required, and you get data acquisition (sensor data every minute), data storage (spreadsheet), and data display (anywhere on Web) - and, it's real-time, not historical like when using HOBOs.

    I think what frightens individuals at the moment is the immediate reaction of having to set up a web site, or a web server, or doing programming to create charts and graphs, etc. In fact, the technology is moving to where this is all part of the turnkey package.

    You can look at this map to gets lots of ideas and examples. And more advanced details are here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    I thinnk Proliphix makes what you want, as far as web control and tracking, also text messages.

    I am late to the game but I can definitely second the Proliphix device. REAL SWEET.

    If you speak to one of their sales engineers, they can have you web in to one of their demo web devices they already have set up.

    I was sold after I played with it for 15 mins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a0128958 View Post
    ....While my temp and other conditions monitoring appear to be advanced, complex and 'geeky,' it isn't at all.....
    I didn't mean to imply the term "geeky" in a bad way. I have a "semi-smarthome" (lighting, alarm, IP cams) and love the advances in technology. Your setup is the best I've seen. I had no idea that this could be done!

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