We live in Arkansas in a 2 story house. (2000 sq ft down, 1000 sq ft up). I have received a couple of bids to replace the condenser and coil for the upstairs unit (Trane XL1000 2 ton, 10 seer, single speed blower) and need help/input.

*Note: I will not be changing out the furnace

1st quote: Trane XR13 and matching coil* (Also quoted XR14 for about 10% more)

2nd quote: Lennox XC13 and matching coil

Both bids included all labor, charging of system and cleanup.

2nd quote is about 10% less than the Trane XR13 quoted job.

Having said all that I would like input on the following:
1) What is the advantage of the XR14 over the XR13

2) Not being as familiar with the Lennox equipment, in your opinion which of the 3 systems would be a better choice and why.