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    Need help deciding on a system. Trane vs. Lennox

    We live in Arkansas in a 2 story house. (2000 sq ft down, 1000 sq ft up). I have received a couple of bids to replace the condenser and coil for the upstairs unit (Trane XL1000 2 ton, 10 seer, single speed blower) and need help/input.

    *Note: I will not be changing out the furnace

    1st quote: Trane XR13 and matching coil* (Also quoted XR14 for about 10% more)

    2nd quote: Lennox XC13 and matching coil

    Both bids included all labor, charging of system and cleanup.

    2nd quote is about 10% less than the Trane XR13 quoted job.

    Having said all that I would like input on the following:
    1) What is the advantage of the XR14 over the XR13

    2) Not being as familiar with the Lennox equipment, in your opinion which of the 3 systems would be a better choice and why.

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    1)The XR14 will save you more money to run then the XR13.

    2) The one with the better installation crew, and service techs for later on down the road.

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    XR14 and go heat pump with matching coil.

    when furnace needs replacing change out to a var spd air handler.


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    The XR14 will likely save nothing in terms of efficiency (should be just 13 SEER--need coil model # to confirm) with the single-speed blower. You will get the reciprocating compressor whichever way you go in the 2-ton size. In my opinion, 10% more isn't worth it for no apparent gain.

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    take the Lennox with a scroll over the Trane recip compressor every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    take the Lennox with a scroll over the Trane recip compressor every time.
    Amen Brother! Take the XC13!

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    Both units come from good manufactures, but is good to get references and check them. I have a heat pump with my system and saved a bundle this heating season. My pay back was lass than 1 season for the upgrade. My customers in my region project a 2 year pay back on up grade. But if you're just looking to replace ac only, I would recommend the Lennox but check references and compare warranties. We offer 5 year p & L.

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