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    Hey Ryan... Had a c3-51 Lennox coil mated to a Bryant 036..... What do ya think that combo had going.....

    BTW... both were dirtier than least my mind..

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    Who knows... was the air cold enough?

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    Cool Yes sir

    The model number gives you the tonnage. You will see a number such as 36 42, 48 ,54 etc.Somewhere in the model #. 36=3ton 42=3 1/2 ton so on.

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    Whats my tonnage?

    I have an old Sears and Roebuck unit. Can you tell me what the tonnage of my system is? I want to replace my failing condenser outside.

    These numbers are from the evaporator in my attic:

    Model: 867.813150
    MFR. No.: 64755
    Type No.: 55-94753
    R22: 29oz

    So, there is a "50" in the model number. Does that make it 50,000 BTU for about a 4 Ton unit?

    BTW, the outside condenser/compressor eats about 25AMPs on one of the 110Volt legs . What can I expect a new unit to pull?

    Any recommendations on what to replace the condensor outside with (Brand)?

    Thanks a TON!

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    You need to replace both indoor and outdoor unit.

    Can't tell you by that model number. But a load calc can tell you what size you need.
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