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    I had my back operated on 6-29-07. evidently the surgery failed . I have the same symptoms now that I had before the surgery I take 4 different pills 4 times a tay and the are not much help and the doctor doesnt want me to get addicted, so he keeps reducing the strength. try to get her to hold on, if the stem cell research is successful , they can just grow you a new back

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    I've got degenerative disc disease too. It sux, especially for people in our bus.

    A chiropractor crippled my mom years ago. Not a good idea for EVERYTHING that ails you. I know lots of people who swear by them though. But I'd obviously never go see one after what happened to mom.

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    Im so sorry Otto, Robbin. Im boinking a broad that has had the fusion surgery and so has her sister, I also witnessed my neighbor go threw it. Its no small surgery, I feel for her man I really do. It's gonna **** her up for more than a year and its going to be a lot of pain before it gets better. My mechanic buddy had 2 disks fused in his back, he had no choice either,,. ther was no disk left. He had the surgery and was outa work for long time, more than few months but he recoverd and is a lift truck mechanic still. My gf had 4 back surgeries all together and finally had them fused, she had chronic pain for a while but is taking Leerika SP? and that helps her function but she had to do a pill merry go round before she found one that worked, but she was able to jog again after more than a year. There is hope for a full recovery and normal quality of life after. I was told I had degenerative disk disease too and had bad pain for years,. but surprissingly, once my wife left, it all went away, no ****,.. never know Otto,.maybe all she needs to do is get rid of you and all her back pain will go away. lol,.. just joking,..

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsewhipp View Post
    wanna discuss a r22 charging prob
    r22 charging problems is as easy as charging air. Otto I will call you soon. I still have your camera. Should I down load the pictures??? Or is there some kinky stuff in there??
    Cheryl will mail it tomorrow. Tell Robin hi and we love her. Take care of my girl.

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    Damn Otto, I was really looking forward to finally meeting Robin. I too have back problems, so I can certainly relate. I was laid up for two days in a hotel room after last years convention.

    Chiropractors have done well for me in the past, but when things get too far, chiropractors can do more harm then good. It was a good chiropractor who told me not to keep going to chiropractors for my back or shoulder. Accupuncture did work on my shoulder when it got unbearable a few years back.
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