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So , all I can say again is WOW!!! That would have to be a first for me . I'd love to see how they hung that baby. Hard to believe that the tape held as long as it did. You'd have to think it was an oversight on the installers end . Would anybody knowingly do that ?
I should have taken pictures of the system I put in today. Somebody installed a 5 ton Goodman A/H and it looked to be on a stand. Got everything disconnected and attempted to pull the unit from the stand, wouldn't budge. Start taking a closer look at it and found that they had screwed through the back of the cabinet and into the wall to hang this unit.

It looked like the stand was holding the unit up, but once the unit was down I could see that the stand was only ductboard covered by 1/2" plywood. No internal framing.

Looks much better now with the insulated sheet metal stand that actually supports the A/H.