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    External Filter Rack held up with Tape ?????

    my mother just had this unit installed and she had no clue till 4 days after install filter rack comes crashing down... Come to find out they have it secured to air handler with tape ???

    Is this a normal practice???? lots of dollars later and there is a rack attached by tape !!! would we allow this in any other service industry..

    example surround sound wires held with thumb tack

    when i spoke to the manager he stated this was a normal practice and argued that this is how it is done

    now as you should be able to see in the pics there is plenty of room to fit a bracket to hold the rack to the handler why use tape?

    any input would be greatly appreciatedAttachment 7494

    Attachment 7495

    Attachment 7496

    Attachment 7497

    Attachment 7498

    Attachment 7499

    Attachment 7500
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