Flange, this is not what I wanted to hear!!

Ugghhhh, with our experience with the builder so far, this sounds too terribly true...

The builder is decent enough, but have cut corners in the strangest places! My thinking was, how could they have designed these ducts that in the *master bedroom* the dB levels are the same as standing next to the furnace, which is 2 floors down!

The _problem_ is, that it's these same contract that are now inspecting their own work, and of course they will fight off fixing the actual problem!

What I need, as implied by Beenthere here is a good _techical_ tech that will be able to diagnose the problem exactly, so the contractor responsible will have no way of beating around the bush about the issue.

Yes, I realize the if it is the ducts are the problem, then a quieter (& far more expensive ) furnace will only be a band-aid solution. But if the duct contractor refuse to do the actual work required to fix this problem, and I have no means of 'persuading' them or the builder, a new furnace might be my only option.

Flange, I guess keeping it on all the time would have us get used to the noise all the time, but also suck up electricity . What is a return area?

Could anyone (cunuck) recommend a _technical_ tech in the Ottawa/Gatineau region?

Thanks for the insight flange,