So here's the latest story. The HVAC tech called me and told me that he added freon to my upstairs unit and that all is fine now. As for my basement unit, he believes that something is clogging the expansion joint in the coil so he ordered a replacement unit for $70. He also mentioned that I should get some better temps but that he wasn't happy with the pressure readings so he'll have to come back out and replace the part mentioned above.

Now here's what I experienced when I got home. My upstairs unit had a 9 degree difference from my hallway (where the t-stat is located) to my master bedroom (same problem I was having in the winter except now its with the AC). My first floor barely felt any better!

If anyone could recommend a good HVAC guy in my area please let me know because as Jay 41 said, I just need to be comfortable in my own home.

By the way, I want to thank each and every one of you for all the great advice and feedback. Its clear from this forum that there are some true pro's out there and I just had the poor luck of getting either the dummest or laziest HVAC guy in the planet!