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    How to service a gas fireplace

    Note: This is NOT intended as a guide for the inexperienced and would be useless if used as such.

    Hello all,

    I am a fireplace tech and installer in western Canada. Been doing it for quite a few years now. We do Electric fireplaces, wood, pellet and NG/LP. Gas I've been doing for about five years now. I have a background as an electronic technician, a bachelors in computer science, was the top gas fitter every year in school and achieved distinction both times (95%+). I also have every WETT (solid fuelds) certification, and all but one are at the advanced level. I also have significant electrical background, and plan to challenge for my electrical ticket.

    So, I am the type of person who likes to excel at what I do, and I like to fully understand all aspect in my field of expertise. I try to continue learning as much as I can. I find it odd though that "servicing" gas fireplaces, while universally considered to be extremely important is so bereft of useful information. It seems a bit like some primitive culture's oral history - How you do it is passed down from the guy before you, you put your own spin on it, and everyone's version is a bit different. Manufacturer's instructions on this area are generally vague at best and even looking through you tube videos and such, it's really not that informative. So, I'm interested what this community's input is on this topic.

    Our gas safety authority has this fireplace specific checklist in one of their safety bulletins advising annual servicing for all natural gas appliances.

    1) Clean glass and unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    2) Check the entire vent system and termination for condition and operation

    3) An inspection of the explosion relief flappers and glass door gaskets to ensure a proper seal

    4) An inspection of the burner, venturi, and air openings

    5) An inspection of the gas valve, gas components, and pilot system

    6) Refer to the manufacture’s manual to ensure proper log placement

    7) Verify correct operation of all optional equipment; fans, thermostats, remote control, safeties etc.

    8) Keep the fireplace area clear and free of combustible materials, flammables or items that could be damaged from high heat.
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    How to details/info violates our no DIY rules.
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