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    is there any plans for testo vacuum gauge?

    just wanted to know if there are any plans for a testo digi. vac gauge. i know some you guys sell testo or are reps for them.

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    Testo does not have one available at this time, but one is in the works. However you won't see it this summer. THe best out therre IMO is the Thermal Duel Power Thermistor Vacuum Gauge 14571 I have used these for years. This is from the TruTechTools site.

    Product Details:
    Model: 14571 Super Vak-Check II

    Manufactured by: Thermal Engineering

    Model 14571
    Analog Vacuum gauge
    Vacuum measurement and monitoring is one place an analog meter has advantages over digital. With an analog gauge it is very easy to see the characteristics of the system regarding moisture and atmosphere to determine the level of dehydration and degassing that is being achieved. Also a system that leaks under a vacuum is easily identifiable and additionally the presence of a tight system with or without moisture. For proper evacuation and dehydration of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, an electronic vacuum gauge is an indispensable companion to a vacuum pump. Significant dehydration does not occur until a vacuum of 1000 microns or greater has been achieved. Use of electronic vacuum gauges is the only way to determine when dehydration is occurring and when it is complete. Thermal Engineering Vak-Checks are precision thermistor vacuum gauges designed especially for refrigeration and air conditioning service. They automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature and permit continuous monitoring during evacuation. These instruments are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and read directly in microns on a large easy-to-read meter. This analog thermistor vacuum gauge allows you to choose between 110AC and battery as your power source with the same features as the Model 4501. Thermal micron gauges use highly accurate and durable thermistor technology that has a long proven history of reliability.

    • AC/battery operated
    • Range: Atmosphere to 10 microns
    • Ambient temperature compensated
    • Complete with Model 4510 Sensor
    • Accuracy: at 200-1000 microns ±5%
    • Power: 110AC or 2 “D” cell batteries (Batteries not included)

    Model 4510 Replacement Vacuum Sensors
    • Vacuum Sensor for Vak-check, Super Vak-check, and Super Vak-Check II
    • Models 4501, 4575 and 14571 with 0 to 50 calibration scale

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim bergmann View Post
    THe best out therre IMO is the Thermal Duel Power Thermistor Vacuum Gauge 14571 I have used these for years. This is from the TruTechTools site.
    ill seond that best there is.

    i also use the thermal engineering analog micron gauge.

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    Thumbs up Thermal Engineering on Dehydration

    RAM Teaching Tomorrows Technicians Today.

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