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    ERV, HRV, or Purifier

    I'm having my new construction home insulated with closed cell spray foam which will make it extremel air tight. To make up for that, I'll have to have some sort of fresh air ventilation system installed along with my HVAC system. The purpose of the ventilation is to maintain proper air quality indoors.

    My questions are these:

    1. Would an air purifier properly do the job of cleaning the air so that fresh air ventilation would not be needed? One of the HVAC contractors that has bid on my job suggested the purifier over the ERV. His reasoning is that it would maintain good air quality and its a lot cheaper than an ERV.

    2. I'm in North Georgia, so would I be better off with an ERV or an HRV?

    Thanks for the replies...

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    1.No ,a tightly sealed home needs some fresh air.Still might want one,to clean the air,I would.


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    An air purifier won't remove or dilute CO2.

    You need an ERV.
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