I did find this attachement - http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/showpost.ph...7&postcount=18

And this statement from jrbenny - For every degree below 75°F, target humidity is raised 2%. You can't overcool more than 3°F. You won't go below 70°F.

And I found another post that stated the lowest setting was 46%. I haven't seen a post that explains that though. I can understand the 70F limit, but where does the 46% limit come from?

I haven't found the FAQ yet or the maintenance manual. I do have the install manual and the homeowners guide. But both of those are lacking details, and missing functions. I will keep searching though.

Today was a cool day so AC didn't come on. But the other day I didn't see the system reach the target humidity and it would shut off at the set point of 78F even though humidity was high and dehumidify was set to ON.