Well, I just had the complete Infinity system installed, AC, Furnace, and Control. The unit is communicating and reading correct outdoor temp. I have set the basic Himidity setting to one bar/one box on the left. In advanced, the lowest it will let me set it is to 46% which is also all the way to the left. The actual humidity reading is off, so it would be nice to use the setup option of off-set to correct this. But because of the off-set error on the high side, I can't even use it to get much below the reported target of 46%.

So my question is why is the lowest target setting possible only 46%? I bought this system so I could at least try to get the condo down to 35% humidity, but this won't even let me set it that low. Am I missing something in the setup or configuration?

Please help as this is very important to me and the reason I spent thousands extra...