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    Confused To replace or not replace -Bad AC Coil

    Got a leaking AC coil that is just starting to rust the furnace portion. It's a 1992 York using the old refrigerant. Got a quote for a Goodman 80% efficiency (AC/Furnace/Compressor) but thinking maybe I should just replace the coil /save the money/and see how much longer I can go. The furnace and compressor seems to be in otherwise good shape except for the AC leaking. Advice or suggestions appreciated! Any other ideas? Plan to move in 5 years so I could lower the house price figuring that the AC coil was replaced but other units 15 years old.
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    if you are happy with the utility bills with the unit you have i would replace the coil.

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    Please edit out the price. Its not allowed here.

    Just changing out teh coil is one option.
    Of course, your figuring lowering the price of your house based on todays replacement cost.
    A buyer interested in your house 5 years from now, will want the price lowered by the current of at that time. Which could be 25% or more. Since most likely, 5 years down the road. The cantractor replacing the furnace and condenser, will also replace the new indoor coil so its a matching system.

    Its your call.
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