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    If new units came with a flare connection, I'd use it.....

    It's pretty much that simple.

    If its a copper socket, I'm gonna jab a copper pipe in it and braze it, not braze in a flare adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmechanical View Post
    you forgot 2 more ways you did not mention

    3. a flare that is not done properly
    4. a flare that is done properly

    read very carefully;

    a flare done properly can outlast a brazed joint done improperly

    a flare joint done improperly wont outlast a brazed joint done properly

    if you have a flare joint done properly and a brazed joint done properly either may fail first

    shall i go on

    not much can be added
    very well stated

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    What costs the manufacturer more. Flared fittings or a piece of pipe?

    I love my job, but paydays Thursday

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    My 2 cents

    Its so odd to see this thread today cuz I just finished installing a walk-in cooler and freezer system both new for a local meat processor. As I was kneeling in the wind, Brazing my 7/8" acr copper suction lines to the stainless steel accumulator head at the condensor, I remember thinking to my self as I was waiting for my silflo dissimalar paste to open up the pours and suck in my 15% silflo while I was blocking the wind...I remember thinkin "I wish this suction line had a flare like my 3/8 liquid line does. Guess thier has to be a manufactures reason for it...HMM"

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