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    Central AC help

    New to this site, with that being said,

    I am looking at replacing my old RUUD SEER-10 ac (R22) and furnace with an American Standard Allegiance SEER-14 (4A7A40241000AA) (R410A) and furnace Freedom 80 2 stage (AUD060R936K)?? The old furnace has blown the circuit board twice in the past three years and the last time there was smoke in the house at 5AM on a Sunday of course. had to add freon last year... I have 5 quotes from various installers anywhere from 10,000 (SEER-15) down to 5,000 dollars (SEER-13). Does anyone have opinions good/bad about American standard?? I live in VA near the coast and the humidity can get thick during the summer (July - Aug) and cold in the winter in the (Jan - Mar) timeframe... Out of the 5 quotes, one company was in the middle as far as price and I did feel comfortable with them...

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    A-S will do you just fine. Did the dealer tell you that his Allegiance 14 is only 14 SEER with some variable speed furnaces and that with the standard motor furnace he's quoting, it's only 13 SEER with matching coil? If humidity is an issue, I'd want the variable speed furnace along with a Vision Pro IAQ control which will work with said variable speed motor to really increase dehumidification. Plus you may really get 14 SEER.

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    Freedom 80 2 stage (AUD060R9VK) vice the (AUD060R936K) does this make that much of a difference

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