I believe I have finally made a choice on which boiler I want to use as a switch from oil to gas. Lochinvar Knight. I think I'm partial to the stainless steel inside cause I'm always reading that they stay cleaner then the aluminum.
Knight aslo comes with the outdoor reset recicr. etc.
The pricing on all the Mod/cons is about the same. I took a good look at the Viessman Vitodens 100 Some say it's the Top choice. I didn't like the fact that it 's not english/american friendly..meaning that you have to convert some readings on display from Celcius to F and the pressures,, just worried what other conversions their might be hidden.
Question Should I lean toward chosing stainless steel inside or it doesn't matter??? Should I be looking at the manufacture and thier quality??
Cause my choices in order of preferance now are::
Slant fin bobcat
WeilMclain Ultra
All around the 100,000 BTU's models I think the ultra is the highest priced from what I've seen. Think they spend alot on marketing.