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    Is a used condenser a good idea?

    When I purchased my home 5 years ago, I had a new Lennox gas furnace installed. (This home never had ac.) At that time I considered ac, but it was too cost prohibitive, so the contractor recommended installing a coil in the duct which could be connected later. He sized and installed a 3 ton Summit Manufacturing evap coil which is still factory sealed.

    I recently obtained a 10 year old Rudd 2.5 ton condenser from a friend that was professionally removed and stored about a year and a half ago. (He had a heat pump installed.) The ends were crimped tight and both valves are closed, so I have reason to believe the unit is well sealed. I would like to have this unit and a lineset installed, but my biggest concern would be contaminating the new lineset and the evap coil from a dirty old condenser. Also, I would be using a 2.5 ton condenser with a 3 ton coil.

    One local contractor I spoke with said that the difference in tonnage is not a big deal as the coil is larger than the condenser. The other way around would be a problem.

    I can afford the cost associated with the electrical service, lineset and service, but the cost of a new condenser is not in the budget this year. Of course, I would not hold any installation contractor responsible for performance with a used unit and I would be happy if I got one or two seasons out of it, but am I nuts to consider using this unit? Is there a way for a contractor to check out this unit before I have it hooked up to a new lineset and coil?

    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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    If you don't mind gambling and realize the installer has very little control over the outcome go for it. Your brand new 5 year old evaporator coil is useless with a new system anyhow. A new condensor would need a 13 seer coil so you really don't have that much to lose. JMO

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    Well, if the compressor dies 2 days after you have it installed. You still have a great converstion starter.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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