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    most AC techs i know will install it for the same price of the profit as if they purchased it.

    there's too many people installing AC units and screwing them up, AC techs included.
    ...and the stories of home owner installed srew-ups are endless.

    how to find a good tech?
    that's a good question, all i know is try to do everything the right way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrlighturfire View Post
    Funny I just had this same conversation with my brother n law basically told him same thing and he asks why would I do that. Tried to explain that I do this for a living this is my business and yes I would charge same also no breaks and no warranty. He then asks me if someone hooked up and brazed line set themselves and all I would have to do is charge it up I told him well price has now doubled. His response Homeowners Never buy any HVAC equipment online just to try to save money. You are hurting yourself by doing this.
    You're right of course. I couldn't do it!

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    I wouldn't go there, not for any upfront savings


    2 summers ago a cousin of mine thought he'd save a butt load and buy a unit off ebay or craig's list or some place. His dad and uncle worked for the local community college and took care of the college's HVACs and they'd do the install for a nominal fee. He ordered a 13 SEER, 3T unit w/"matching air handler". That was a joke.

    Long story short between the condenser not fitting on the slab to blown caps to the fan not rotating w/out prodding- it was a an unmitigated disaster.
    Finally he bit the bullet and got a tech to come out straighten out the nominal fee mess

    When the dust settled (i might add, into August) and a very warm summer-my cuz told me he wound up spending and additional 850 bucks, so his great savings=$96 bucks. Plus he had to spend time off from work to meet the techs (it took 2 service calls, at least) and he spent many nights sleeping by a giant fan he had to buy at Wally World. Plus, he had to listen to his wife grumble about the sweet deal he got and the kids barked about how hot it was and never knowing if it'd be nice inside or not.

    So yeah, he saved 96 bucks but it cost alot more. If I needed a new engine for my truck, I sure wouldn't let someone w/a tacet knowledge of Toyotas and engine rebuild to touch it.

    Let the professionals do it and you save in the long run and you sleep better at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    Your friend has good intentions.
    The path to somewhere is paved with good intentions. Are you ready to go down that path.

    Priority service is given to customers that buy their equipment from us. So if your unit you bought yourself breaks down, you wait. If its 2 days when its 95* outside, the money you think you saved, becomes trivial.
    He did have good intentions were right. I wasn't ready to go down that path.

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