Hey guys.
I wanted to bring this question up.
The question is, What tools should be supplied by the Company and/or by the service tech?

I recently started a new job doing service and maintenance with a Van. About a month later I was given a list of:
A: Tools supplied by Company
B: Tools supplied by Service Tech.
I'm scratching my head thinking if this right or wrong because some of these tools they want me to buy are not exactly "hand tools". I will never use these tools outside of work. Well unless i do some blue-mooning, but you get my drift.

This is the List they gave me:

Service Tec Tool List
Company Supplied Tools

1. Six Foot
2. Eight Foot
3. Extension Ladder

2-Wheel Dolly
First Aid Kit
Fire extinguisher
Floor Broom
Spade Shovel
Yard Rake
5-gallon Bucket
Wet & Dry Vac
2 Drop Cloths

Extension Cords
1. 25 foot
2. 50 foot
3. 100 foot
4. Drop Light

Refrigeration Tools
1. Vacuum Gauge
2. Vacuum Pump
3. Megohmmeter
4. Coil Cleaning Bottle
5. Recovery machine

Plumbing Tools
1. Spare "B" Tank
2. Nitrogen Tank with Regulator

Service Tec Tool List
Technician Supplied Tools

Refrigeration Tools
1. Refrigeration Scale
2. Flare & Swage Kit
3. Service Wrench
4. Fin Comb
5. Inspection Mirror
6. R-410a Gauges
7. R-22 Gauges
8. Refrigeration Oil Pump

Plumbing Tools
1. Midget tubing cutters
2. Tubing cutters up to 2 inch
3. Tubing benders 1/4" - 3/8"
4. Acetylene torch kit with tank and 3 tip sizes
5. Spare Nitrogen Tank
6. Pipe Wrenches
a. 12 inch
b. 18 inch
c. 24 inch
7. Hacksaw
8. PVC Cutter

Hand Tools
1. Allen Hex wrenches
2. Screw Driver set
3. Complete Nut Driver set
4. Combination box and open end wrenches
5. Small socket wrench kit
6. Adjustable wrenches
7. Channel Locks
8. Needle nose Pliers
9. Locking Pliers
10. Flat file
11. Utility Knife
12. Hammer
13. Riveter
14. Blower Wheel Puller
15. Pulley Puller
16. Torpedo Level
17. Measuring tape
18. 2 Flashlights (1 spare)
19. Hole saw Kit
20. Drill bit Set
21. Drill nut driver
22. Calking Gun

Electrical Tools
1. Linesman Pliers
2. Wire Crimpers
3. Diagonal Cutters
4. Wire Strippers
5. Wire Stapler
6. Snake

Sheet Metal Tools
1. Crimpers
2. Snips
3. Hand Seamers
4. P-35 Stapler

Test Tools
1. Leak Detector
2. Electrical test meter
3. Digital Thermometer
4. Clamp on Amp meter
5. Monometer

Power Tools
1. Cordless Drill
2. Corded Drill 1/2"
3. Saws all

Lets talk about a few of these.

1. Leak Detector
2. Acetylene torch kit with tank and 3 tip sizes
3. Spare Nitrogen Tank
4. Blower and Pulley pullers
5. Calking Gun
6. Refrigeration Scale
7. Refrigeration Oil Pump

Does anyone think these 7 tools a Tech should supply? They really seem like Company Supplied tools to me.

Comments? suggestions?