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    the only 2 things on my truck that are company owned is the oxy/act rig (tips are mine), and the reclaimer. Everything else is bought by me. We can charge tools at the supply house to the shop account, but we have to pay the company back. Doesn't matter the price, we can arrange x amount out of the weekly check or pay it off within a month in whole.

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    Hey fellas.....this is a TRADE you're working in, not a charity ward.

    Look at an auto mechanic. He has a huge roll-around tool box, full of HIS tools, that he's free to load up and take from one job to the next.

    I worked as a meat cutter in high school and some college. Wanna be a meat cutter? Buy some knives and a steel. Wanna be a carpenter? Buy some saws, hammers, and squares.

    I spent several years after school as a loom fixer in a cotton mill. They didn't buy my tools....they gave me a list and said: "if you wanna be a loom fixer, you gotta have these"....

    I've tried it all ways in the HVAC business. The one thing I've learned, is that an employee has far more respect for tools that HE bought, than the ones I bought. MY tools were constantly coming up missing and broke.....until I said "enough".....I'll let my guys buy stuff on my ticket, and take it out of their check in installments.....

    Let's get out of our entitlement mentalities, and let's get to work !!
    Technical incompetence is NOT a sales tool....

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    Late to the party...but....

    When I drove a service van (I don't anymore) I had EVERYTHING clearly marked with my name. I bought a cheap handheld electric engraver and etched everything from sockets to screwdrivers and most certainly big ticket items. It paid off tremendously. I've had tools that I left in an attic or something returned to me, sometimes years later. It's also a great theft deterrent. It also comes in handy if you ever change jobs and have to clean your truck out. There's no question of who owns what.

    I don't think a tech should have to buy things like recovery machines or tanks of any sort, to me that's crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg414 View Post
    Thanks for the input guys, I'm going to talk with my Service manager and discuss this further.
    I would def like to have some if not all of these tools for my personal use some day but, I don’t feel like buying all these for this company would benefit me in anyway except using a new tool (like most of you are saying).

    I will reply with his answer by Friday
    whats a snake can i have a link?

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    ... and why are we dredging up a thread from many months ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtech View Post
    compnay = torch, vacuum pump, scale, recovery machine, and truck.

    i'll take care of the rest
    agreed. although i do have my own pump.

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