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    Bryant heat pumps vs traditional split system

    The Manual J's done, I've saved the money, and the quotes are in. Now I'm losing sleep over whether or not to go with a heat pump or a traditional split system. I have both natural gas and electricity available for heat; am in Austin, Texas where winter temps are normally quite mild but can go into the low 20s.

    Austin: 2907 cooling degree days; 1737 heating degree days; average humidity 75% year-round; less than 25 degree average diurnal temperature swing.

    I'd like what will work best at cooling and dehumidifying. Your thoughts?

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    Unless your elect. rate is very high the HP will save $$. I'm in TX also and my rates swing so much that it's hard to calc. the exact savings but the HP will win unless I put way over rates for the elect. vs. gas. You may save on not having to get a gas furnace also. The mild winters may allow the HP to do all or most of the heating with a small usage of inexpensive heat strips in the air handler. Go with a variable speed blower and according to everyone on this board, you'll be a happy camper. Regarding the humidity, the man. J will take care of that in the summer and a dehumidifier in the winter if necessary which I bet won't be.

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