I work in a steel mill doing HVAC. Most of the units in the plant are water cooled package units (Carrier) Today one of the units had frost building up the compressor. Lowside felt normal, but the high side was cold. WTF....My boss is on vacation so I was on my own with this one.
The unit cools an electric room so its an important unit. The mill hasn't ran all weekend so luckily it wasn't that hot inside. Being a lil unsure of myself, I took time to review the system:
*Outside Temp-65 deg F
*inside temp- 80 deg F
*There were no restrictions at the filter drier
*There was only 2 degrees difference on both sides of the TXV??
*Operating Pressures: Low side Press. 55 psig
High side Press..130psig?????????
*Compressor Ratio- 2:1
*Coils were clean

Discharge line was warmer than the liquid line so I felt something was wrong in the condenser cooling part. The water tubes felt very cold. Colder than I ever felt them. Usually I don't feel any cold at all. So slowly I started to cut back the supply water and little by little I noticed the High Side Press. begin to rise. Aha...Compressor crown started to heat up as did the liquid line. OK, now for the stumper. Can I fix this???? There's not much of a heat load, and the water from the tower is just too cold. I guess they haven't ran all weekend. I had to find a happy medium, because the supply to this unit also supplies another small unit. WTF?????

Can somebody guide my judgements on this one please. Am I in the ballpark atleast?