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    Quote Originally Posted by indianajones View Post
    rheem does not use that method,the pipes need to slop back to the unit.
    I know that the Rheem website doesn't always agree with their literature, and some of the .pdf documents may not be up to date, but in the (-)GFD installation manual
    (p. 28), it shows a tee and drain line w/trap in the combustion air pipe (horizontal termination).

    By contrast, the vertical termination (combustion air) is facing downward (I assume to keep rain out) and there is no drain at the furnace. There appears to be a drain line at the bottom of the exhaust pipe, just prior to the inducer.

    As I will be having a Rheem Mod installed shortly (horizontal termination), I would ask the question, in a high efficiency furnace, do you want water in your combustion air?


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    Yea, ask him if he knows a good electrician.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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